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About Hypnosis, Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic trance states are normal and natural states that we all experience at least twice a day when waking-up or going to sleep. Other every-day examples include when focused on an activity such as watching a movie or even when driving sometimes. Hypnosis is simply a collective description given to variety of states of mind and body, ranging from being highly relaxed to highly alert, and from being highly defocused to highly focused.

There is currently no absolute physiological indicator to determine if someone is in a hypnotic state. There are measurable indicators to show that someone is in a highly relaxed trance state. When in hypnotic trance states suggestibility is said to increase.

Hypnosis is similar to sleep but is not the same thing given that someone experiencing trace will tend to hear everything that is being said and will remember as much as they need to remember about what was said. Att all times the person being hypnotised remains fully in control and can open their eyes or move whenever they choose.

Hypnotism is the study of hypnotic trance states and as a field of interest has been in existance under that name since 1841. Hypnotic trance states have been utilised throughout the history of human kind for example during ancient Egyptian ceremonies.

Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnotic trance states in order to resolve psychological or physical problems in people's lives.

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