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About the LCCH Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Training College providers of professional hypnosis and hypnotherapy training courses

The London College of Clinical Hypnosis was founded in 1984 by Michael Joseph to provide comprehensive training for students in hypnosis and hypnotherapy for a broad range of medical, psychological and somatic problems. Balancing the practical skills essential for competent therapists and academic requirements of post graduate study the college equips would be practitioners with the skills to deal with the range of problems and presenting symptoms

Since its inception, the LCCH has been engaged in the promotion of empirical research, and has established the benchmark in academic performance that other institutions can only marvel at.

Our courses in Clinical Hypnosis are held throughout the UK (London, Exeter, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow) with International Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis courses in Portugal, Singapore and Malaysia; and with the exception of the Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, LCCH courses are open to all adults irrespective of previous education who have a passionate interest in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

The aim of the LCCH is to train would-be practitioners of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to deal safely, confidently and effectively with the enormous variety of presenting symptoms - physical, emotional or psychological - for which their patients will seek help in the reality of the consulting room. All of our trainers are practicing hypnotherapists, meaning that our students get both the academic credentials that distinguish them from other courses, and the practical support and know how to help them establish successful clinical practices.

7 Bury Place

Tel:    0207 402 9037 (from the UK)
Tel:    +44 207 402 9037 (from outside the UK)

Fax:    020 7486 1123 (from the UK)
Fax:    +44 20 7486 1123 (from outside the UK)

Email:    info@lcch.co.uk

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