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  • Link = http://www.hypnotherapy-hypnosis.eu/
  • Title = LCCH hypnotherapy and hypnosis training courses in the UK (London, Exeter, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds) and Scotland (Glasgow)
  • Description / anchor text = LCCH hypnotherapy and hypnosis training courses up to Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy level in the UK (London, Taunton, Exeter, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds) and Scotland (Glasgow), Portugal, Malaysia and Singapore delivered by the LCCH, providers of professional hypnotherapy training
  • Link = http://www.lcch.co.uk/
  • Title = LCCH hypnotherapy and hypnosis training courses in the UK, Malaysia and Singapore from the LCCH
  • Description / anchor text = LCCH hypnotherapy and hypnosis training courses up to Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy level in the UK (London, Taunton, Exeter, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds) and Scotland (Glasgow), Portugal, Malaysia and Singapore delivered by the LCCH, providers of professional hypnotherapy training

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  • http://www.hypnosis-malaysia.com/ Professional clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy training based in Malaysia providing certificate, diploma and practitioner level qualifications, covering Malaysia, Singapore and Asia (Hypnotherapy)[OK Friend]

  • http://www.hypnosis-singapore.com/ LCCH Singapore provides accredited hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy training in Singapore, also covering Hong Kong and India - www.hypnosis-singapore.com (Therapy)[OK Friend]

  • http://www.neuroinnovations.com EMDR software and NLP Swish, Map Across and flooding software utilities from Neuro Innovations. Use any laptop or desktop PC to administer EMDR and NLP using advanced psychotherapy software software. (Software)[OK Friend]

  • http://www.changingstates.co.uk/ Hypnotherapy, Biofeedback, EMDR, NLP and timeline therapy in High Wycombe and Central London provided by Bill Frost, psychotherapist and international psychotherapy lecturer. (Hypnotherapy)[OK Friend]

  • http://www.hypnotherapy-high-wycombe.co.uk/ Hypnotherapy High Wycombe - Bill Frost - provides clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy, EMDR, timeline therapy, biofeedback and NLP therapy based in High Wycombe UK (Hypnotherapy)[OK Friend]

  • http://www.changingstates.com/ A free directory for health, medical, wellbeing and therapy related sites for therapists, clinics, practitioners and health / medical related providers (Medical)[OK]

  • http://www.lcch.co.uk/ Hypnotherapy training courses taught by qualified professionals provided by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)[OK Friend]

  • http://hongkonghypnotherapy.com Fully-qualified, professional hypnotherapist based in central Hong Kong and treating clients for a wide range of issues. Friendly, caring service. (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.robertmatthews.co.uk hypnotherapy practice in London (Ealing) - specialist in stop smoking, depression, stress, anxiety, phobias, slimming, plus A-Z of all hypnotherapy problems (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.hypnosiscdsdownloads.com hypnosis Mp3s,hypnosis CDs,hypnosis downloads,hypnotherapy cds,insomnia,weight loss,confidence,presentations,stress,relaxation,tapes,self hypnosis,self help,audio,recordings,slimming,sleep problem,pub (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.glennharrold.com Glenn Harrold - The UK's best selling self-help audio author. Hypnosis CDs, Books, MP3 Downloads and DVDs. (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://adelinekam.com Adeline Kam provides effective hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, smoking cessation, weight control, IBS, insomnia, fears and phobias as well as emotional problems. (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.johnthornley.com/ Integrative HypnoPsychotherapist. Incorporating CBT, REBT, EFT, AIT. Based in Loughborough, Leics (Psychotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.manchester-hypnotherapy.com Pam Newbury Hypnotherapy and CBT for anxiety, stress, insomnia. phobias, emotional problems, psychosomatic illness and confidence (Hypnotherapy)[OK NF]

  • http://www.hiddenkey.co.uk I trained at the LCCH 15 years ago and have honed techniques such as hypnotherapy to help people realise their goals. (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.talkingcuresandmore.co.uk/ Be free from depression, anxiety, phobias, traumas, compulsions, addictions, and physical complaints. Feel better and be better with TalkingCuresAndMore Derby. (Hypno2)[OK]

  • http://www.markthehypnotherapist.com 100% confidential therapy service based in Highgate, North London. For more information visit our website. (Hypnosis)[OK]

  • http://www.tranquilspirit.info Tranquil Spirit Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching, Stockport, Cheshire, near Manchester. Affordable therapy or coaching for a wide range of conditions or life issues. (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.hypnoticresources.co.uk/ Hypnotherapist, based in Finchley, North London, offering Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Dream Analysis, Psychotherapy and Personal Development (Hypno2)[OK]

  • http://hypnotherapy-reflexology.co.uk Pamela Morgan PDC Hyp. MBSCH - The Complementary Practice including details of other therapists who also trained with LCCH. (Hypno2)[OK]

  • http://www.openmind-hypnotherapy.com/ Open Mind Hypnotherapy Singapore Suparna Kapoor, Certified Hypnotherapist - helping people suffering from: emotional stress, relationship problems, depression, wanting to stop smoking or drinking, lose weight, or simply clean your mental and physical body. (Hypno2)[OK]

  • http://www.hypnosisiseasy.com One to one hypnosis treatments as well as MP3 downloads and CDs (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.zell-arazim.com/ Asthma cough - zell-arazim.com provides personalized homeopathic treatment kit based on the analysis of cough samples from the patient. That helps to treat asthma cough better and aids permanent cure. (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.mightyspells.com Magic Spells - Free Black Magic Spells, Love Spells and Money Spells available. White Magic Spells, Talismans, Charms, Witchcraft and the Occult (Healing)[OK]

  • http://www.lynnechiswickhypnotherapy.co.uk Lynne Chiswick MSc BSc PGCE DHyp BSCH(Assoc). Experienced, professionally qualified and registered clinical hypnotherapist practising in Eastbourne. (Hypnotherapy)[OK]

  • http://www.purethoughts.me Camberley Hypnotherapy, dealing with anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression (Hypno2)[OK]

  • http://www.onemission.com onemission (Other)[OK]

  • http://www.greater-manchester-hypnotherapy.com I use elements of CBT, NLP, Trance and the latest information on how the brain works to help people like you to achieve their goals. Whether thats taking back control of your thoughts / elements of your life or helping you succeed with your positive future. (Hypno2)[OK]

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