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Add site / page to directory help

How to copy and paste the html code provided

(1) Copy the html code by selecting all of the text in the box right clicking and selecting "Copy".

(2) Paste the html code This varies greatly depending on the web page editor that you are using. You need to be in "html" view. Select the position for the two links to be placed by left clicking, then right click and select "Paste". Then save and publish.

Using the form to place your site on ours

Validation characters

Type the "redit" text in the image into the space provided. This is to ensure that you are a human being.

Web address of your site

Enter your web address eg http://www.mysite.com or a subpage of a larger site http://www.mysite.com/folder/folder/mypage.html

Text describing your site

Enter something meaningful that describes your site

Page on your site that links to this site

This is the page where you placed our links entered as eg http://www.mysite.com/page.htm or http://www.mysite.com/folder/

Your email address

Enter your eMail address - you will be sent a confirmation eMail when the process is complete.


Select a category that relates to your site.

If the text "NB! Please select a category page with fewer entries" appears to the left of the submit button it means that there are more than 95 links on the page in total. It is to your advantage therefore to select a category with fewer links already submitted. If there are too many links in a particular category we will remove the category from the drop down menu and provide another alternative category.

If there are too many links on your selected category page we reserve the right to change your category to one with fewer links associated with it.

When done click on the "Add URL" button.

Possible problems

In rare situations some sites need to be entered by us. Typically this is because the system cannot verify that that the links that you placed on your site are actually present. This is because the web server behind your website has been setup to return a blank page when web based programs reads the page rather than a human being. If this applies to you then send your details in via eMail and we will enter your site on your behalf using admin rights. The links to our site must be present and will be checked.

In Joomla sites if you're using internal links to point to external links we we be unable to link to you because none of our systems will 'see' the presence of our links. We assume that it is possible to add true external links to a Joomla site.

If you use Frames based pages not being able to setup a reciprocal link will be the least of your worries. See Is it true that using frames makes it harder for search engines to properly index my site? (Yes). You can still use the utility to establish the reciprocal link but will need to enter the filename of the frame page that contains our links as the "Page on your site that links to this site", or ask us and we will do so on your behalf.

In Flash or JavaScript sites: we cannot read links in Flash / JavaScript, neither can search engines. So unless you can add purely text based links we cannot setup reciprocal linking.

How we validate links

We validate links on a periodic basis. The process is fully automated with some sites tagged for further investigation manually. If the following rules are adhered to the link remains present:

  • Actual text based links are present as opposed to an emulated links or internal links that are redirected to external links
  • Search engine blocking tags are absent at site, page and link levels
  • Page containing the links is linked to from the home page
  • Page containing the links remains present
  • Site is related to this site's content in some way

If your site is evaluated as breaking these rules your link will be automatically removed and you will not be able to re-enter your site again using the online utility. If you wish your link to be re-enabled you will need to ensure that the links are present on the page that your originally specific and that you are not in breach of the rules. Your link will then reappear automatically when we next validate the data.

The online utility evaluates only a small number of the above rules. Our main validation process (software + process) evaluates against all of the rules.